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OBIEE Multi-User Development Continuous Integration

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Oracle BI (OBIEE) Multi-User Development Next Generation Technology

Work better together to development metadata, deploy quicker, and give Oracle BI developers more time to dance.

OBIEE + BIMUDFlow = Rapid Deployment LifeCycle Management

OBIEE Development

On-Premise OBIEE. Let's see how to deploy frequently.

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Continuous Integration

Deploy weekly not monthly. Empower the release process.

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Deployment Recipe

SCM, CI, OBIEE. Begin using the right mix of technology, correctly.

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BIMUDFlow is straightforward. But, Support is Available.

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The BIMUDFlow Principle

BIMUDFlow is the OBIEE Multi-User Development solution for continuous integration and source control management which increases the frequency of deployment cycles and optimizes the OBIEE development team's SDLC efficiency. Features include snapshots of RPD and Web Catalog, client/server configuration, and issue tracking. A complete packaged solution for your team to operate OBIEE at its best!